SRE Program

Cityview is a provider of SRE (Special Religious Education) and this is something we take very seriously. We provide SRE through the Forest association for Christian Education (FACE) in partnership with a number of other churches in the Forest area.

We have a number of prerequisites that our SRE teachers must meet:

  • they are required to have or be actively studying towards a Diploma in Religious Studies
  • they must have a current Working With Children Check (Kids Guardian) and current Child Protection Training (refreshed every 3 years)
  • they are required to undergo SRE training including, but not limited to, classroom skills and management, relevant legislation, teaching protocols and ethics. This training is provided by Forest Association for Christian Education ( and Youthworks.
  • they are required to follow the authorised curriculum and to teach it in a sensitive, age appropriate and respectful manner. The curriculum can be viewed via the FACE site here.

SRE Scope and Sequence
SRE Complaint Form
SRE Complaints Policies and Procedures
SRE Teacher Authorisation Process

Further information is available on the FACE site ( including the curriculum that is used in the Forest SRE programs.